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FDA Tranparancy?

June 2, 2009 — Leave a comment

Well – I’ll believe it when I see it.  The FDA has long be the marketing arm of Big Pharam and as with most of the big government institutions I don’t really belive they had my best interest at heart.

Now Barack “big man” Obama has set out to clean these guys up.  You can track them a bit on their blog here:

Here’s to hoping that we can achieve a healthier America; cuz right now we’re a nation of fat slobs.  The number of 4 year olds being pushed around in carriages is just another disturbing trend.  We are fat and lazy -> and getting fatter by the minute.

Let’s see what you can do FDA!

Ugh --

Ugh --

So yesterday we experienced a serious dosage of chemtrails in the NYC area. Take a look at todays “Pollution Forcast”
NYC Pollution Report
So yesterday we experienced a serious dosage of chemtrails in the NYC area. Take a look at todays “Pollution Forcast”Yes we can expect a rain of “Fine Particulates” ~ Thank you my gov’t for your continued care over my health!

Also notice how yellow and Moderate is all the way on the left of the scale!

So don’t be that concerned about moderate? How much worse does the scale go!

So it has been about 2 weeks and I have been drinking the mountain-manna concentrated organic M-PME (M-state-Precious Metal Elements) water (h2o) in it’s highest natural energy state.
While there has been no physical high like the first day, I will say that on those days I drink some, I have much more energy and less appetite. For example on Sunday I woke up at 7:30 am, had 1.5 tsp of the water and then worked on the blog here till about 11:30 – that’s 3 hours of no other nutrients while in a steady, brain-draining activitiy.

Today I did not have any, and my appetite was much greater, usually I just have some green for breakfast after drinking the ormus water – today I certainly had to eat!

So, I would say so far that it is effective.

Byron Richards lays it out … 

Not to be disgregarded and I like this along with many of the Raw Food concepts:

Check it out!

Zapper part II

May 11, 2007 — Leave a comment

Today is my 4th day on the zapper.

I’ve had it on approximately 12 hours / day – at different times.

At some points I don’t notice it, at some points it is quite nausiating. Today I noticed a dark disk on my leg where I had it yesterday.

Today I am having some serious bowel elimination — Not sure what it is from. My diet has changed since we’ve been taking the Mountain Manna water. We have it in the AM with our green drink and maybe some other juices. We then have a nice lunch (prefereably raw). Then for dinner we are doing some other type of liquid meals – soups, shakes or a salad. Really for a hungry guy I have not been that hungry!

sometimes the zapper starts to itch, burn on the skin. According to the instructions, it should be moved at this point because the toxins are rushing to that point and they could, get this, BURN A HOLE IN YOUR SKIN !!!!!

Gotta love it .. ok … more later.

I heard David Wolfe say that he just puts all of his raw food in a blender and has that for a meal so I thought I would give it a try… For the past several days I have been trying this approach and I think I will be further experimenting with the concept. For example, last night I mixed 2 heaping tablespoons of VitaMineral Green, 1 heaping teaspoon each of AFA Extract (brain specific & joint specific), pinch of cayenne pepper, camu camu berry, 2 tablespoons of frozen wheatgrass juice, 1 banana, some frozen organic cherries, fresh and frozen organic blueberries, frozen organic strawberries, liquid Ionic minerals in the water I used to blend the smoothie and I think that was about it. That’s about 30 some odd ingredients… It made me feel really good. The taste was OK as well…deep green aromas dominated as I put a lot of VitaMineral Green in the mix. The smoothie yielded just less than 1 liter of blended food. As I am a fast oxidizer, the smoothie did not hold very long and burned off fairly quickly. That may be because I did not have any oil or high protein in the smoothie. Next time I will add coconut oil and some additional protein and see what happens. Try it!

There has been some question about Ormus product use and MSM. I emailed Douglas Schmitt of Mountain Manna about this and received the following:

Dear Ethan,

I’ve heard Barry and others say that sulphur “pins” ormus (ie. makes it metallic).

This opens a lot disinformation spread by people who should know better. Even Barry doesn’t know the difference between ormus and ORMES because he has allowed so many non ORMES products to take the name ormus. However, this may be a good place to draw the line. If sulphur, in any form, affects the product; then it is neither ORMES, m-state(mono/diatomic), or high-spin.

I make a point to consume some form of sulphur with almost every meal.

Best Regards,
Douglas Schmitt.

I start my MSM again tomorrow.


May 9, 2007 — Leave a comment

Mountain Manna is a water based homeopathic tincture / extract containing concentrated organic M-PMEs (M-state-Precious Metal Elements) in their highest natural energy state. They come straight from mountain mineral springs; before the dissipating effects of reactions with sun, air and soil. We believe that these M-PMEs are bio-superconductors, which flow the light-of-life.

Well this is the third day of my taking ormus.

Day 1 (from my notes)
Took 1tsp followed by my daily green (vitamineral green, E3!Live, Maca, Cacao, Mega-Hydrate, spirulina)

  1. Cleared up nasal congestion in 10 minutes – had dilated nasal passages
  2. everything became very brght, colorful, felt attuned to life
  3. felt light in body mass, but not accelerated
  4. enhanced sensory awareness

Day 2
Took with shot of E3! and half avocado:
Had enough energy to eat nothing till about 2pm; did rehab for my knee and am felt great all day. EOD was very tired, but I think that was due more to my being on my feet all day and my knee being swollen and in pain.

Day 3 (now)
Took alone on empty stomach; was lethargic and tired to start. Definitely have increased energy, I am hungry, but I have not gone to eat yet. Will soon though. Need to step away from cpu. I think that is holding me down a bit. More later.

UPDATE: JUST HAD MORNING GREEN : Vitamineral G., Maca, Cacao, MegaH, Spirulina, & Tocos

Instananous head rush and energy boost. I mean as it hit my stomach! (note that I have not even had a glass of water yet today, so this is defiantly an extra intense time!)

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