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April 29, 2012 — Leave a comment
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Monica Bellucci

April 24, 2012

Monica Bellucci really is the perfect woman.

I don’t know anyone that doesn’t adore her.

Jeffrey Sachs (author of “The End of Poverty” and Director, Earth Institute at Columbia University) seems to be the Adam Smith of our time; while I can’t vouch for his economic brilliance (though it seems pretty spot on to me) – it is his lasting effect on the world that allows me to give credence to that statement.

Professor Sachs is almost singlehandedly willing poverty out of our world. His dedication to the cause is the spur behind much of what you see in the media today – Bono,, the Vanity Fair ‘Africa’ issue, etc … It is Sach’s impetuousnesses that is driving the establishment and the anti-establishment to form a cohesive team to solve the solveable and fix the fixable; ALL the problems facing today’s extreme poor fall into these two categories.

It’s funny I keep wanting to write Dr. Sachs – but I don’t think he is a phd. Soon enough someone will grant him one – or hell –just knight him and be done with it!

The most exciting part of this swashbuckling economist is that he is much more then a mouthpiece: he walks his talk – a DOer!

Let’s look at the Millennium Villages:

Here for $110 / person / year they are showing that the talk (theUN Millenium Development Goals – MDG) are walkable.

  • Malaria down from 75% to 10%
  • Agricultural Yields up 300%
  • Diversification into Cash Crops
  • Electrified School & Internet
  • Start of goods manufacturing for int’l trade
  • Increase in contraceptive use up 300%
  • Improvement of schools has created a cycle that allows woman to work instead of childrear

Please read more, do more and if nothing else give some money … less then 1% of developed world GNP is needed to completely eradicate poverty – the kind of flies-around-the-mouth-have-no-hope-about-to-die kind of poverty. The kind that is completely unacceptable.

Sometimes something is right next door to you, and you find out about it from another part of the world!

Jeff Buckley had one of those magically voices, those interior visions, that make the singer/songwriter an admirable profession. There should be something so simple about words and music that anyone could do it. and many times ‘anyone’ seems to try! (just stick your head into the Sidewalk Café any night! In Buckley’s backyard no less!) However very few seem to be able to actually pull it off. Jeff Buckley was one of those (Todd Snider is another). Someone who could take this simplest of art forms and actually make art.

My shame is that he played next door to my apartment every monday, and I never knew! It took a friend from another city to give me a copy of the album to introduce me to my neighbor genius!

I guess that is New York, and that is life. Keep your ears open!

Years agao my friends Tony told me about his meditation for 30 min. each morning — now Tony was an artist living on the lower east side with his girlfriend Tina … she tended bar, he did whatever it was that he did; and they had gone on like this for years – at this point they were in their late 20’s.He had bought a book – Creative Visualization

Which changed their lives.  Through the visualizations, thew imagined a cosmetic company based on color therapy, which they opened – Tony+Tina Cosmetics became a great success; grew to about 30 staff, had a large office in Soho and was eventually bought out by one of the big cosmetic companies.  Basically, they got themselves sorted.  So where does this leave us on the power of Visualization — well 10 years later I am convinced that it works, but am still working on the mental power to meditate and put it into action … more later.

If you haven’t gotten a chance, get the May 2007 issue of Vanity Fair.
One of the many great articles is “Jungle Law” – about Chevron/Texaco and their destruction of the Amazon of many many years, and the current Ecuadorian court case against them.The lead attorney against Chevron is Pablo Fajardo – you have to read the story to believe it.  However, towards the end, he comes out with one of those statements that is so fundamentally true, it needs to be said more often.”One of the problems with modern society is that it places more importance on things that have a price than on things that have value.  Breathing clean air, for instance, or having clean water in the rivers, or having legal rights – these are things that don’t have a price but have a huge value.  Oil does have a price, but its value is much less.  And sometimes we make the mistake”

I heard David Wolfe say that he just puts all of his raw food in a blender and has that for a meal so I thought I would give it a try… For the past several days I have been trying this approach and I think I will be further experimenting with the concept. For example, last night I mixed 2 heaping tablespoons of VitaMineral Green, 1 heaping teaspoon each of AFA Extract (brain specific & joint specific), pinch of cayenne pepper, camu camu berry, 2 tablespoons of frozen wheatgrass juice, 1 banana, some frozen organic cherries, fresh and frozen organic blueberries, frozen organic strawberries, liquid Ionic minerals in the water I used to blend the smoothie and I think that was about it. That’s about 30 some odd ingredients… It made me feel really good. The taste was OK as well…deep green aromas dominated as I put a lot of VitaMineral Green in the mix. The smoothie yielded just less than 1 liter of blended food. As I am a fast oxidizer, the smoothie did not hold very long and burned off fairly quickly. That may be because I did not have any oil or high protein in the smoothie. Next time I will add coconut oil and some additional protein and see what happens. Try it!