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Quite a good piece – and it lays out the conservative thought process quite well — one which I am in agreement with.

Unfortunately, it seems the Republican party is way out of step with conservatism – I think his lack of direct reference to the article shows his agreement with much of its factuality.

Also agreed that a president who thought this way would be a good choice.

Funny thing is that I think both sides are worried about loss of freedoms — though which ones I’m not sure?
I fear losing sexual, reproductive, amendment and personal freedoms. What is he referring to? Economic?

I think the article should have been titled “The Fall of the Republican Party” as opposed to that of Conservatism. A valid ideology is tough to topple.

we shall see — and I agree they’re all full of it. I’d go for Gore at least he’d help fix the environment – to me that’s a base level item – that if it was healthy everything on top of it would be healthier too.

And that my friend is lock step with what I think.

I say I am a conservative and I am immediately branded a Republican. I was a Republican, by self proclimation and party affiliation until 2003 when I changed my status to Conservative.

You and I differ on the envornment, and I respectfully disagree that Al Gore would be/would have been a good choice but ………………….. what can you do. As I get older I realize one very important thing, I can really really like someone with whom I totally disagree.

So as my life as a salesperson begins -I’m realizing a bit about myself – I really don’t take anyone’s word – I need to prove things for myself – I am working through the solar finances with a dandy spreadsheet that I made – and I need to see it work – I’m dealing with people who will happily make the switch if I can show them where they save money.

I did it once or twice with some jive – because I believed it without having worked it out for myself – when a guy asked me to show him – and I started – it was just not working – i started to sweat and as i could not make the $’s work in my sheet. Tomrrow I meet with the expert to find out where (and if) I am going wrong.

If I am, and I can show not doubt that this is making money – then it’s a no brainer and I’ll sell a ton. If I can’t – and it doesn’t save anyone any money – then I need to find a new income source.

All the driving time is a bit of a drag – if I can make some good money doing some green good – then I’m a happy dude!

Sorry for the lame posts – basically to you Brian – I think you’re the one reading this! LOL! – or maybe mi chica anita! hugs to all – E

Getting out there

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So been running all over the place selling some solar! Busy and tired. Will write soon.

btw – got a hybrid – honda civic — putting our $ where our mouth is! LOL!

It’s a really sweet ride — super smooth and easy. Quite happy.

Hey all .. so I’m prepping for a new job selling Solar Electric Systems (it just sounds too goofy to say Solar Systems :-)

The company is 1st Light Energy – Based out of NJ – I’ll be handling upstate NY — going to learn & earn and do some good while I’m at it. The company is real solid and they take care of all the niggling details – which is nice for everyone!

First day is Wednesday – so I’ll keep all up to speed!

If anyone has any good ideas, sales tips, etc .. drop me a comment – I can use the help –

Or if you want to learn more about Solar Electric – and how it helps environmentally / Economically – be sure to let me know!

Solar Offsets

So it is done .. and while it was not as Bucky oreintated as I would have liked, as it was many things … it was extremely valuable. I think the most important lesson goes something like this:

If you do not value the time you put into work, into that which allows leisure time: the ‘free’ time (as opposed to paid time?) you earn has less value.

I’m not feeling super eloquent right now; but that is the lesson. I truly need to find meaningful work – it evens out my energy and makes me a happier person. Only hopefully next time it pays me instead of me paying it!

More to come.

So on the 5th day we have come to realize that we are part of the experiment.

The difficulty is the agenda of so many of the people seem to be on different wavelengths –

  1. learn the Comprehensive Anticipatory Design Science method as a thought process
  2. Change the world via working on the millenium development goals
  3. Get in front of the UN and pitch your idea in hopes of securing work, funding or something else
  4. Have a successful program/business product.
  5. Be a high-school student who for some reason or other is taking this week long, ton-of-time-involving, right-after-school-let-out-while-everyone-else-is-on-summer-vacation lab that eats up all of your free time while you would rather be playing in the sun.

All of these are legitimate goals, though all somewhat at cross purposes – and I don’t think that we were put in a position to shin – we will however succeed in bringing new ideas about ending global poverty to the world arena; and for that I think it is great.

However it is that goal that puts us unknowingly in the project instead of a part of the project – if that is the correct way to word it. The idea of actually working on such important issues, of course, is quite exciting and challenging; however, I was not looking to be thrown into the water to see if I could swim – thankfully we are – and for that I am thankful – and for that I think this is a great experience; however – it is a bit annoying to be the pawn instead of the queen – if you know what I mean.

So to end this ramble, I am still quite happy with the experience and am looking forward to seeing it out to the end – though I think if it was organized differently, I would be much happier.

In the end most are being shortchanged …

The DSL learners are being rushed, The world savers are being caught in the middle, the Program provers are having less then the best work of their paying consultants, the in-front-of-the UNers are being caught with a team with differing objectives and the high-school kids are missing out on their summer fun.

Ok … so with a number of days under my belt, I am reporting back.

First off the DSL has been a great experience; it has challenged my brain and full consiousness in ways that it has not been in a long time. For that I am very thankful.

In short the Comprehensive Anticipatory Design Science method – is a problem solving though process where the solution design comes much later in the chain of events then usual. Figure the norm to be an a-ha momment of inspiration followed by a back-and-forth design dialogue between client and designer.

The Design Science method calls for a comprehensive understanding of the now with particular attention paid to Utopian preferred states, corresponding problem states and a thorough research and understanding of the current situation. This is followed by the creation of a quantifiable measurable solution concept, then an implementation phase and finally a documentation phase to measure successes and progress.

All in all things are working quite well, though there are some flaws that I will outline here:

The case study we are working on is direct contact with the UN – very exciting, but it is putting a lot of pressure. This combined with competitive groups, varied motives for attending, rapid deadlines and the most complex of subject matter (solving world poverty in lines with the Millenium Development Goals) lead to a rushed atmoshpere that leads people to regress to their standard thought process and abandon the method. Instead of thinking about how they are thinking, people become so focused on the poverty issue – which should be a secondary thought – they begin to think more about the problem then the method.

I am quite excited, and heading in early tomorrow AM to get ourselves going; we have two days to get a presentation together to get in front of real UN delegates – so the pressure is on .. we are trusting the process!!


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So I just got off the phone with the survey peeps asking opinions about bloomberg’s newest back door tax on the poor … the congestion pricing plan for driving below 86th St between 6 and 6 …

To me this is BS for so many resons:

  • hits the lower and middle class in the wallet and keeps them out, while it does nothing for the rich who will be motering into nyc in their 80k beemers
  • only charges the difference between tolls and the fee – so jersey boy pays $2 while queens resident pays $8

In the end I think it’s a ploy to put up city wide camera surveillance! This is what the Feds are kciking in $500 mil for .. not for clean air, but to have NYC under watch-down!

What a perfect excuse to put up cameras on every street corner .. we’re “Greening” the environment – your not against that are you?

Maybe you want to give kids asthma while your at it!

FU Gov’t of mine —

Ok .. so I am attending this years DSL at the UN …

With this I will be in a forum of like minded peeps looking to put our brains to work. A solid test to see if this ‘untrained-non-competently-self-educated-mind’ has what it takes to solve world-wide-nation-barrier-breaking problems.

I’ll try to blog away from the lab and keep everyone up to date with what is happening. It is some serious time .. and in the end if it is all for naught; I’ll support the Buckminster Fuller Institute any day!