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Hey All –

I wanted to read all of this posting on DAC’s on my kindle, so I made eBook files.
Figured I’d share it in case anyone is interested..

This goes from the first TeaJay post on 09-15-05 to the last on 09-28-12.


I haven’t read it yet – so I’m not sure I got everything 100% right – but hey give it a shot :)

Nice Set from 4AD

November 18, 2012 — Leave a comment



I am an avid fan of spotify.

To me it wins above other services as it allows you to travel. I am on the move a lot, and am able to take my playlists with me where I go. Now you can give them a listen as well.

here is my primary music discovery playlist where I drop people / groups I think are worth a listen. Give it a go!