Email #2 Response to Right Wing Research Expert

June 1, 2008 — Leave a comment

Well — I probably should delete this – -but what the hell —

Curious who wrote this — but it needs a rebuttal – even if it’s an amateur one from one such as me.

Part 1)
A little over a year ago …. actually for many of the past years …. the banking industry went a bit nuts and came up with every scam and cram way to stuff more money in their pockets. It was obvious to any who looked that a LOT of people were living above their means. Of course this system broke — it was unregulated and dishonorable. Blaming our economic wows on things that could even possibly have been voted on since 2006 is ludicrous. Economies are big brush items that swing back and forth over multiple years, not months.

Blaming the democratic congress of the past 18 months for our economic woes are akin to blaming old age on the fact that you had your 80th birthday, not that you have lived for 80 years.

Part 2)

I hate paying tax more then the next person I’m sure of that.

However, Bush cut taxes yes — but look at the %’s –
– 11% Cut for the couple earning 75k — that’s $2250
– 20% for the couple earning 125k — that’s $7,500

Shouldn’t the family who is making less save more then the family that is earning more? It may be a bit of Robin hood thinking — but those with more should pay a larger part – especially when you consider the way history has set up society with the wealthy staying wealthy and the poorer struggling to get wealthy. Governments job is to help ALL the people, not just the top.

Part 3)
——- First off Apples & Oranges

What does illegal immigration have to do with the iraq war?

Why not compare either to the 61 billion spent on oil aid? ( (and you can insert your own iraq war joke here :-) Or the billions in farm handouts that are destabilizing the world market? (;

“Through a complicated and overlapping system of government-sponsored insurance, counter-cyclical assistance, disaster aid and legacy payments tied to nothing, the five-year, $307 billion bill lavishes cash on wealthy farm households, the main restriction on collecting it being a means test that applies to couples making more than $1.5m a year. And even that can be avoided by employing a reasonably competent accountant.” –

or the 3 billion a year on cotton subsidies that keep developing nations poor and land that could be put to better use churning out cotton?

I can make my own list of government junk to outspend the war too — they both still have nothing to do with one another. I say if we took the same 500 billion (much of it from the pockets of the presidents cronies) and used it to smartly build infrastructure, schools & hospitals in the middle east we would all feel WAY safer today. The terrorists are coming from the poor and disenfranchised – all killing them does is make more of them. More poor, more broken schools, more broken homes, more broken bones.

——- Second — does the $522 billion spent on the iraq war make you feel ANY safer? I know it doesn’t make me feel any safer. (oh — here’s a link for you —

——- Third — as many seem to have forgotten – it is the immigrants that have made this country strong. I am of the belief that our suppression of the immigrants is hurting us more then helping us. Beyond that highly debatable point, I’ll throw in another — how is that someone has the right to say “thou shall not walk south past this point. Yes I know there is food there and you are hungry, but no it is not for you” this kind of thinking makes us just like the animals we are — if humanity is ever to transcend into a truly great being, we need to move beyond the same territorial squabbles of the baboons and the rest of the animal kingdom.

(yes i know that whole third statement is completely subjective — ignore it and the rest holds merit)

——- Fourth and last comes your math with the big bold statement ….

The total cost is a whopping $ 338.3 BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR

When I do your math (quite fairly I think) I get 166.15 BIllion and find you over by 172.15 billion!

How do I get this from your list of figures?

#8 covers #’s 1-5 (and probably some of 6 & 7 as well as 1-5 only add up to 55.7. I’d check it, but the link is broken) – so,90 billion for all of 1-5

# 6 & #7 are back-ended questions — how many of these people are in jail BECAUSE they are illegal immigrants as opposed to them having done something wrong? And a corollary to this is that something is VERY wrong in this country when 1 in 100 people are in prison. But for the equation we’ll throw them in – they add up to 3 million a day = 1.15 billion

#9 – ok let’s say that ALL those jobs that are done by illegal aliens are done by poor americans (low wage labor) according to your bush tax cut rates if they make 30k / year (doubtful) wold be 15% tax. So that makes 30 billion dollars

#10 has nothing to do with this equation so I’ll ignore it further

#11 is also pointless — it is the citizens who are buying the drugs. Blame them.

#12 – is a hypothetical cost – so it also does not count

#13 – I’m not sure how this is a part of the equation – but if are thinking that these people should be better americans and not take their $ out of the country – so be it – 45 billion

So if I do the math I get — 90 + 1.15 + 30 + 45 = 166.15 Billion

so being generous I think by adding in the 45 billion. And I STILL don’t see the connection between illegal aliens and the war in iraq. Explain that one before you bother with all the other stuff.

Sorry I could not just delete this. I probably should have as democrats will win new york no matter what.

Remember folks who may have gotten – I’m lifelong independent – a card carrying member of NO POLITICAL PARTY!

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