First Shot

April 28, 2007 — Leave a comment

So this is how it begins. With a cat on my lap and the cure playing through itunes (which I think is a real crappy program – I wish they had winamp for the mac; though I am overall much happier now that I am back to mac after all these years).

Ok .. so This is to get all my goods down in writing, otherwise they wind up being thoughts floating around my head.

Today will be the best day ever – that will be repeated daily – to list all the items that should be repeated daily

I am the healthiest I can be
I eat the best foods ever
I drink the best drinks ever
I bathe in the best liquid ever
I receive the most love ever
I am surrounded by exciting, interesting, intelligent people
I am positively effecting the world
I have the most best business ever

Ok .. I am hungry, though I still have the cat in my lap :-)

And my knee is hurting ..
It is quite interesting to write this journal online, it is private, but not … Who am I writing this for? For me? If it is just for me, why not write it in word? Why publish it online? If I am writing for others … then who is the audience? Shouldn’t I then publicize this? I will continue to write for a bit and see how it effects my life.

Today is the best day ever!