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British Tourists

January 27, 2012 — Leave a comment

So at our hotel British tourists are the most relaxed, happy, easy and welcome. Why?

My current theory is that as they once owned an empire on which the sun never sets – they do not expect anyplace to be “better” then the UK. Thus they are never disappointed.

Many other guests come wanting the location to be ‘better” then they have. If for whatever reason this fails to happen, they are stricken with disappointment and leave unhappy.

As with everything, expectations set the level for what is acceptable.

Forever looking – never settling.  I’m starting to realize that possibly this is it.  But however I think I will be happy with all the love I have found.  There are many types and sometimes I wish i was another.

You can see in sports.  There are those that love the “trick” sports – bikes, surf, gymnastics.  Which I do love.  But those I like to play involve confrontation and teamwork.  However how do you tell the difference?

I will flow on.  We all never quit.  That is the ultimate view of humanity.  We are ones that never quit.  Keep on Keepin’ on – and we are all the pips!

So there was a long world away. Settled down into the midnight soul. He ate butterflies and ran the river. Too many souls behind him to turn around now.

Where is the future? How long does it take? You’re already there she said. He looked at her solemnly and agreed. Treasure of love is that enough? Treasure of love till the glow of the sun sinks in the sky. He always last the longest of all his compatriots. But sometimes he packs it in and give up. Why he is not sure, but it always longs for the mother. When she left he was just a boy. He has traveled far and seen many things. Unfortunately he forgets most of them in the time flow. Perhaps he would be good in the future. Should he put himself in stasis? What are the chances that your re woken up? A gamble he will take at sometime in life. When he is old and dying and wishes for one glimpse of a future world. And we can all only hope that he is woken up in a utopia.


There was a Halloween party put on by a mafioso. Everyone was required to be in costume and there was wonderful entertainment. Dancers and performers twirled and spun in their revealing attire. The throng was loud and vibrant in their revelry. Fireworks were put on for everyone’s enjoyment; well not everyone as the wife of the mafioso, her hairdresser and two randoms were shot and killed during the explosions. So well timed that no one heard the shots. Most went home none the wiser, though obviously some arrived with the knowledge. True Story.

Where am I ….

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Lost in mid-life (well almost lost and almost mid-life). Regrouping and working as the sun glints off my wall. I have not much to say these days as the world washes around me. I’m caught in the current and need to start stroking harder towards a shore.

Shifting Sands

Buckle down, Strap it on, take it out – I’m in a beautiful place – but where am I going?

Not a very informative post – but I wanted to write something and this is what came out.

Arrival in Nepal

December 11, 2009 — Leave a comment

off on another trip – to see what may be seen. Looking at a lake with fish traps and boats drifting by – peasants always on the move – making some dosch serving up the local tourists. Running around with their feed off the ground. Happy and laughing. chatting and roughhousing. Kids – always lots of kids. In a way I wonder if this is an issue – as they outstrip the breadwinners. Sometimes running for the easy money – turning to thuggery and taking down the world.

Micro vs. Macro – you are going to screwed one side or the other. You can get the macro level – high taxes and surveillance. Or the micro – bribery, thuggery, intimidation on the personal level.

Which would you prefer? I guess the trick is not to get it both ways – that is why New York City is failing these days – they are hasseling on both the Micro and Macro level. FU MIke Bloomberg – you have succeeded in gentrifying – and driving me out. Enjoy your New City.

Africa Hot

July 30, 2009 — Leave a comment

The layers of sweat beaded off layers of sweat as they rolled down my back, forming a pocket at the base of my spine.

Africa Hot

It was hot. How hot? Africa hot. I say this not because I’ve been to Africa- Even though I’ve visited Morocco a few times, but that is like an African saying he’s been to the US, just because he’s set foot in Hawaii, or Alaska.- but because I was passing 3 tall Africans, dressed in robes that may help with this heat?, who were quietly standing by their table on Spring St. Small flutes, beaded necklaces, a few wooden pipes and a range of pocket items, from coins to small dogs made out of reed, we neatly arranged on their black velvet cloth.

Watching them sweat under their umbrella, put me in mind of that old statement – Africa Hot. It’s one of those dumb statements that people who don’t travel use to lump countries or even continents into single groupings. But of course there were parts of Africa are hot, real hot. I know this from my decades old subscription of National Geographic that piles up in my life. I remember reading about Michael Fey and his trek across equatorial Africa on foot. The heat and insects and insanity and wonderfulness of that have never left my mind. That pile is full of adventures waiting to be had …

These thoughts swam around the ether or my misting mind as I culled the table; I was now handling currencies I’d never heard of- Cedi & Kwacha, Ekpwele & Ouguiya- and I watched my sweat drip off the end of my nose splashing on the bright metal of those coins.

This is the beauty of New York; here on a sweltering summers day, with the head smashing down, I could trade my green cash for these foreign dreams. I imagined myself sweating in Malawi or Mauritania. Passing these coins to a fruit seller as I watched an alternate stream of humanity pass beside me.

I swapped tender with the tall dark robed quiet man, and slid away. Fingering the coin in my pocket, my bod burning in New York, while my mind burned in Bamako.

— © 2009 New York

Here is a copy of my letter to man of the people (if not the animals) Senator Charles Schumer of New York City.

Please contact the Senator and show your opposition via his online form.


To my senator and government representative Charles “Chuck” Schumer.

I am quite upset with you as I have just learned of your support for S. 1255 and its opposition to the Magnuson Stevens Act.

The world’s fisheries are in horrible shape, and we need worldwide single point management of their stocks, health and long term vitality.

Your support of individual managers gaining “flexibility” over their stocks leads us directly back down the path of greed, graft and death.
Do you belive in indiviuals to manage?
The Magnuson Stevens act sets objective, non-alterable goals & limits that put up barriers to the often selfish destructive decisions of individual managers. Managers who often are more interested in their own (or communities) short term gains over the continued long-term health of our worlds oceans- and by continuance, and their short-sightedness- the long term health of life on earth in general.

Please do not introduce S. 1255 and even make it possible to weaken our already fragile control over the worlds fisheries.

I am your constitent and support of this bill will not gain you too many votes here in NY- but it will cost you votes (starting with 2 in the this household) and more as I publicize this throughout my social networks (twitter, facebook, etc …)

Here’s to you doing the smart thing and removing S. 1255 from consideration.

yours truly,
Ethan Rosch
New York City, NY

Painted Universe

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Painted Universe, originally uploaded by Ethan Rosch.

Feeling free as the world passes by, I am surrounded by possibilities and movement.

As always it is the doing that matters-

Our time is now

FDA Tranparancy?

June 2, 2009 — Leave a comment

Well – I’ll believe it when I see it.  The FDA has long be the marketing arm of Big Pharam and as with most of the big government institutions I don’t really belive they had my best interest at heart.

Now Barack “big man” Obama has set out to clean these guys up.  You can track them a bit on their blog here: http://fdatransparencyblog.fda.gov/

Here’s to hoping that we can achieve a healthier America; cuz right now we’re a nation of fat slobs.  The number of 4 year olds being pushed around in carriages is just another disturbing trend.  We are fat and lazy -> and getting fatter by the minute.

Let’s see what you can do FDA!

Ugh --

Ugh --