Sitting in the window watching the fire burn

November 5, 2010 — Leave a comment

So there was a long world away. Settled down into the midnight soul. He ate butterflies and ran the river. Too many souls behind him to turn around now.

Where is the future? How long does it take? You’re already there she said. He looked at her solemnly and agreed. Treasure of love is that enough? Treasure of love till the glow of the sun sinks in the sky. He always last the longest of all his compatriots. But sometimes he packs it in and give up. Why he is not sure, but it always longs for the mother. When she left he was just a boy. He has traveled far and seen many things. Unfortunately he forgets most of them in the time flow. Perhaps he would be good in the future. Should he put himself in stasis? What are the chances that your re woken up? A gamble he will take at sometime in life. When he is old and dying and wishes for one glimpse of a future world. And we can all only hope that he is woken up in a utopia.


There was a Halloween party put on by a mafioso. Everyone was required to be in costume and there was wonderful entertainment. Dancers and performers twirled and spun in their revealing attire. The throng was loud and vibrant in their revelry. Fireworks were put on for everyone’s enjoyment; well not everyone as the wife of the mafioso, her hairdresser and two randoms were shot and killed during the explosions. So well timed that no one heard the shots. Most went home none the wiser, though obviously some arrived with the knowledge. True Story.

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